Chromium Shield

Safe Secure and Fast Browsing

  • Safe, secure and fast browsing
  • Free VPN included - for higher anonymity
  • Automatic ad blocking and tracking protection
  • Protect yourself against surveillance and censorship
  • No more frozen windows
  • Be more protected than just in incognito

Available for Windows and Mac


Shield yourself from surveillance and censorship

Chromium Shield is an open-source desktop browser derived from Chrome. Its main purpose is to provide you with the fastest, most efficient, secure and private browsing experience. With Chromium Shield’s many private conscious features you are guaranteed full anonymity and freedom when searching the web.

Discover Chromium Shield's Features


Browse freely without the fear of being tracked and watched. With the free built-in VPN it makes it harder to track your browsing activity. Anonymize your internet traffic and hide your browsing activity. The VPN will also protect your IP address and prevent people from seeing which websites you visit. Plus gain access to geo-blocked websites and bypass internet censorships.

AD Blocking

AD Blocking

Browse Faster with automatic ad blocking and tracking protection. By eliminating the nuisance of having advertisements, your websites will open faster and allow for a more enjoyable and speedier browsing experience.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself against surveillance and censorship has never been easier. Plus get rid of any restrictions and take back your freedom.

Say Goodbye To Frozen Windows

Say Goodbye To Frozen Windows

Chromium Shield has superior bandwidth allowing for maximum internet speed. Get faster internet access now. Receive more data at a faster rate.

Incognito Mode on

Automatically activates incognito mode. You are free to navigate and browse in private. Increase your anonymity.

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